A modularized version of Angular-brunch-seed

I created a modularized version of angular-brunch-seed to make it easier for people (including myself) to build apps that follow Misko’s best practices.

Want more detail? From the additions to the docs:

Angular-brunch-seed is awesome, a great start for making Angular apps. I wanted this “modularized” version because Misko recommends organizing code around features rather than type of code, like controllers.coffeee, etc. (see this 10/27/13 presentation).

That is, organize your modules by feature. Instead of one big module, have one module per feature (or page). This is better now for

  • unit testing
  • working with larger teams (to not step on each others’ work)
  • preparing for the future because modules will be able to be lazy-loaded and so this structure will be either required or firmly recommended

I was partly inspired by ng-boilerplate.